BaseToBusiness is a new program to help employers attract, recruit and retain good candidates coming out of the Canadian Armed Forces. BTB workforce consultants can show employers how to connect the right candidates to the right jobs, hire good people, and offer support as they transition.

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Is your hiring off base?

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With the skilled labour shortages forecast, successful companies can't afford to overlook any labour pools – especially one with the training and experience of transitioning Canadian Forces members. The military has roughly 5000 transitioning members every year. BaseToBusiness has the connections to help make your recruiting easier and hiring process more cost effective.

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Become a BaseToBusiness employer and we'll send you e-bulletins with the latest news and a VETYOURNEXTHIRE.COM sticker for your company vehicle or office window. It shows you're a supporter of what Canadian Armed Forces veterans have to offer employers.

Have an effective
Military strategy

BaseToBusiness holds Effective Strategy Forums for employers who wish to be part of a growing network of organizations that learn, share and reinforce leading hiring practices. Held every quarter, Effective Strategy Forums can take the form of roundtable discussions or seminars with guest speakers. Topics may include the military to civilian transition experience, mentorship and peer support, salary equivalencies and operational stress injuries. To find out about the next Forum,
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Transitioning members of the Canadian Forces can solve your skilled labour hiring problems, but only if you familiarize yourself with what they have to offer.

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Medically Released

At BaseToBusiness, we believe the right person for the job is the right person for the job. This can include transitioning members of the Forces who have a physical disability or a condition such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In collaboration with another Prospect program, Forces@WORK, we place veterans who have the skills required for a job, but who need supports to perform to their greatest potential. Check out the Forces@WORK website here.

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In The

Schlumberger & Prospect - Empowering Veterans Through Employment

On November 14th, Prospect and Schlumberger collaborated to deliver the Effective Strategy Session called Empowering Veterans Through Employment at...

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An evening of magic in support of years of hard work.

Prospect was excited to be part of the Canadian Legacy Project’s presentation of Penn & Teller at a fundraising event in Calgary, October...

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Prospect and the Canada Legacy Project (CLP) continue their collaboration to support Veterans.

CLP is leading a Veterans Funding Drive to raise $500,000 over the next year to support various Veterans Initiatives. This year, they switched thei...

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The 2017 Prospect Stampede BBQ was a success – thank you to our sponsors!

On July 5th, Prospect’s Stampede BBQ drew an enthusiastic crowd to over 1,200 attendees. After last year’s sudden downpour, this year&r...

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Keep some excellent
Employees in reserve

Many employers find there are benefits to hiring skilled people who are continuing to serve in the Reserve Force. BaseToBusiness can help you access and accommodate these unique individuals.

Employer Resources

BaseToBusiness offers a wealth of resources at no cost, to help employers make the most of this skilled pool of candidates. We’ve compiled a library of resources you can use to adapt to the labour market and learn about engaging transitioning members of the Canadian Armed Forces, veterans, and members of the Reserve Force.

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