The Labour Market

Where will you find the workers to both replace retiring employees and fill new jobs? BaseToBusiness can help. Projected job growth and workers approaching retirement are driving employers to think proactively about how they will maintain and grow their labour force. BaseToBusiness has compiled the latest labour force demographic data on the retiring workforce and new job growth projections by industry for employers to see how the labour force is changing. Who will fill all these jobs? Now is the right time to expand your recruitment strategy.

Profile of Alberta Industries

Annual profiles of Alberta’s 18 major industries. Information and statistics on demographics, wages and employment trends and outlook are included.

Labour Market Forecasts

Alberta's Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook is released every two years and contains information on forecasted labour shortages and surpluses for occupations for the next 10 years. The most recent Outlook forecasts a cumulative labour shortage in Alberta of 96,000 workers by the year 2023.

What’s in demand?

The following are a few of the occupations with a forecasted labour shortage of more than 1,000 workers by 2023:

  • Managers in retail trade (NOC A21)
  • Clerical occupations, general office skills (NOC B51)
  • Civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineers (NOC C03)
  • Computer and information systems professionals (NOC C07)
  • Physicians, dentists and veterinarians (NOC D01)
  • Nurse supervisors and registered nurses (NOC D11)
  • Chefs and cooks (NOC G41)
  • Occupations in food and beverage services (NOC G51)
  • Heavy equipment operators (NOC H61)
  • Motor vehicle and transit drivers (NOC H71)
  • Trades helpers and labourers (NOC H82)

The Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook, along with other labour market information, will help the Alberta Government reach the goal of its long-term labour force strategy: to develop a robust workforce to meet future demands by building essential skills and promoting ongoing learning.

Take a look at Alberta’s Occupational Demand and Supply Outlook, 2013-2023.